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Resource Links For You About Your Cat

Turkish Angora

Ambar Cattery
Antioch Turkish Angoras & Savannahs
Choosing a Turkish Angora: PetPlace.com
Dschadi's Turkish Angora & Cornish Rex Cats
Featherland Cattery
KitnHevn Turkish Angora Cats
Kica Turkish Angora Cats
Turkish Angora Mithrandir
Tansdale Turkish Vans & Turkish Angoras Bengals
Traditional Turkish Angora FAQ's: Traditional Cat Association
Turkish Angora: A Zoological Delight: Cats & Kittens Magazine
Turkish Angora Breed Article 1994: Cat Fanciers' Association
Turkish Angora Breed Article 2001: The Elegant Turkish Angora: Cat Fanciers' Association
Turkish Angora Breed Council: Cat Fanciers' Association
Turkish Angora Breed Profile: Cat Fanciers' Association
Turkish Angora Breed Standard: Cat Fanciers' Association
Turkish Angora: The International Cat Association (TICA)
Turkish Angora: Pet Guardian Angels of America
Turkish Angora Standard: American Cat Fanciers Association ACFA
Turkish Angora Standard: The International Cat Association (TICA)
Vangora Ry: Finnish Turkish Cats Club

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